Mobile Security and Anonymity

Tools to look for in 2017 to secure your mobile phone online security

Mobile Security and Anonymity


There are several reasons to use a VPN, including to make yourself anonymous on the internet. Yet you’re not totally invisible-your ip address is known to the VPN service you use. Tor can help.

A part of the VPN providers logs all your data traffic. Or better: the ip addresses that are visited through your account. This results in a potential privacy risk, because if for example the police at one point becomes interested in your surfing habits, then there may be from the list of ip addresses a lot of information.


Many VPN providers are required to hand over their logs to justice as soon as prompted. Many providers choose to log anything at all. The log policy is almost always listed in the terms of use, we would strongly recommend you keep this good to read before making your subscription.


Then you are never 100 percent sure what goes on behind the scenes is logged. Want to start a deeper clog, then the combination of and an active VPN connection and a Tor-browser-app one step further towards fully clog.


Hard to figure out

Tor is, however, significantly slower than VPN and there diving more and more doubts about the supposed full anonymity that TOR has to offer. The combination of both techniques, however, makes it very difficult to your actual ip address ever to be able to figure out yet.


Because the VPN provider are relaying all your data, exists in theory the possibility that there be data drained. Now, most large and more famous providers there of course very careful with it: at the time of data leaks are known it is immediately done with them. In any case, a VPN connection always makes for extra security compared to ‘ nude ‘ by a public hotspot use.

It is interesting to see that some of the most popular VPN providers have their head office in the Russian Federation. Extremely sensitive matters can therefore may be better at home (for when you’re on vacation). Or choose in this case for your own private VPN on a NAS.


VPn for ANdroid and OS

For both Android and iOS are various Tor-browsers available. A well known for iOS is Onion Browser; for Android is there Orbit.

This latest app is no browser, but on the background for that browser apps be linked through a proxy to the Tor network. That network was created to anonymize internet traffic by encrypted data traffic as much as possible about computers.


De laatste tijd is Tor echter nogal in het nieuws: het schijnt minder ‘afluisterbestendig’ te zijn dan gedacht. Neemt niet weg dat browsen via het Tor-netwerk nog altijd beter is dan niets. Tor is echter niet optimaal voor de combinatie van privacy en snelheid; de karakteristieke opzet van het achterliggende netwerk is een garantie voor (relatieve en onvoorspelbare) traagheid. Een VPN biedt snelheid, maar ook niet de ultieme garantie voor al even ultieme privacy.


Je kunt altijd een combinatie van VPN en een Tor-browser of proxy inzetten, maar dan moet je wel heel paranoïde zijn. Een VPN is praktischer in gebruik en bovendien wordt ál je dataverkeer tussen jouw internetverbinding en de server van een vpn-aanbieder versleuteld. Zeker wanneer je bijvoorbeeld op vakantie gebruikmaakt van openbare hotspots of de internetverbinding in je hotel, is dat veel belangrijker. Samen met de mogelijkheid om een Nederlands ip-adres (of dat van een ander land).